Distributing panels for others to use

Organisations can share panel templates with their members using their dartfish.tv channel. Dartfish.tv admins and moderators upload panels from Dartfish Note and the channel’s members will find these, as templates, in their own app.

Using your channel's templates to create your own panels

No download or import is required. If you can upload Notebooks, you automatically have access to your channel's templates.

  1. Select Panels from the App's menu
  2. Tap New panel

  3. Pick a template - you'll find them organised under headings of the channel names from which they come

  4. You can now edit the panel and add teams and players...

    ...but If you want to use the panel 'as it is', tap Panels
  5. Tap the menu button... and select Notebooks
  6. Start using your panel

Uploading and managing templates on your channel

  1. Sign in to Dartfish Note using a sign in which has admin rights. Only administrators, moderators and supervisors are able to upload panels.
  2. Long tap on the panel to be shared and choose the Publish option

  3. Your channel's templates can be deleted from the settings section of the channel admin pages.

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