Sharing your videos with others

Dartfish Express uses the video analysis platform to give others access to your video. The great thing about this is that still shots, descriptions and voice notes are retained with the published video. After upload, links are shared by text, email or social media.

This article covers two methods of using sharing content on (1) Using your myDartfish Smart Cloud and (2) via a channel. In addition to these two methods Dartfish Express can save raw video (no drawings, still shots etc) to the Camera Roll from where it can be used by many other apps.

Sharing cloud videos

  1. Select a video from the Express library.
    It must be located in a cloud collection. If you attempt to share a video in the local collection, you will be prompted to move it. Cloud collections are only available with a myDartfish account.

  2. Tap the share button

  3. The Share option is used to share links to a video in a cloud collection

  4. Choose a method to distribute the link

  5. The recipient of the link simply need to click it to gain access to the video.
    IMPORTANT: He/She will also be able to access the other contents of the collection.

Sharing via a channel

  1. Tap the Share button and select

  2. Sign in to your account
    You should have already created an account and been given upload rights by your organisation's channel administrator.

    IMPORTANT: Before publishing to your organisation's channel you must be given rights. You will receive an email informing you that you have been given access. Click the link in the email. Doing this establishes a connection between your account and the channel. If you have lost that email, contact your channel administrator or support.

  3. Now you can choose the collection to which you wish to upload. You may also choose another channel if you have upload rights to multiple channels.

  4. After publishing, options to share links to the video are offered.

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