Should I switch from Easytag to Dartfish Note?

Easytag was our first app and its successor, Dartfish Note, is certainly the better tagging app in many ways. Easytag continues to have its fans, but as the EasyTag-Note update removes some of the Easytag functionality, it may be time to reconsider a move to Note.

How is Note better than Easytag Note?

Although its appearance is closer to Note, Easytag Note is closer in functionality to its parent than its big brother.

  • Easytag Note panel layouts are simple grid layouts - Note offers free positioning and sizing of buttons by drag and drop
  • Customised button colours
  • Note panels can have way more buttons - currently up to 80 over a two page panel
  • Button duplication feature makes creation of a Note panel much quicker.  
  • Note panels store lists of teams and players - personalize buttons quickly and simply, even while tagging.   
  • Easytag Note can only use one keyword to describe each event. That's unlimited in Note.
  • A new Easytag Notebook must be created for each video recording - Note allocates events to periods, so one Notebook can store the events of the entire game - even when it has been recorded as several video files.
  • Panels uploaded to your channel are automatically available to its members when they create new panels

Why stick with Easytag/EasyTag-Note?

  • Cost. Note requires a myDartfish plan. That has many benefits but if it's not for you then Easytag will cost you less
  • Direct CSV export. Easytag emails CSV files straight from the app. If this file format is most useful to you then Easytag is marginally more efficient at distributing it.

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