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  1. General FAQs 

    1. Which sports use Dartfish?
    2. Is Dartfish only used for sport?
    3. What are Dartfish software's capabilities for biomechanics?
    4. What camera can I use with Dartfish?
    5. Do I need a particular computer to use Dartfish software?
  2. myDartfish Smart Cloud & Accounts 

    1. Smart Cloud how-to videos
    2. What is myDartfish?
    3. How do I upload videos to the myDartfish Smart Cloud?
    4. Control access to myDartfish content using collections
    5. How do I remove access to a video?
  3. myDartfish 360 / 360 S 

    1. What is Dartfish 360?
    2. Dartfish 360 how-to videos
    3. Is Dartfish 360 the same as Dartfish Pro, TeamPro etc?
    4. What's new in myDartfish 360
    5. Move a myDartfish 360/360 S license to another computer
  4. Dartfish Express 

    1. Dartfish Express how-to videos
    2. Differences between Express for Android and iOS
    3. Which camera setting should I choose?
    4. Zooming in on video
    5. Sharing your videos with others
  5. Dartfish Note 

    1. What is Dartfish Note?
    2. Dartfish Note How-to videos
    3. Distributing panels for others to use
    4. Dartfish Note terminology and concepts
    5. Using team and player picklists (roster) in Dartfish Note
  6. Dartfish EasyTag-Note 

    1. EasyTag-Note how-to videos
    2. Why has Easytag changed?
    3. Should I switch from Easytag to Dartfish Note?
    4. Should I update Easytag to EasyTag-Note?
    5. How do I duplicate a panel?

    1. Resources for channel owners
    2. Who is broadcasting on
    3. Can I find expert content on
    4. "I can't find the video I'm looking for"
    5. Can I subscribe to private content?
  8. All articles 

    1. Resources for channel owners
    2. Dartfish Express how-to videos
    3. What is Dartfish Note?
    4. Which sports use Dartfish?
    5. Smart Cloud how-to videos

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