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Welcome. You are in the right place to contact support, give feedback or learn about the myDartfish Smart Cloud, the myDartfish 360/360 S desktop software and the Dartfish Express and Dartfish Note apps. You can also get support for channels

For Dartfish Software support, please go to its customer care website or click the option on its Help menu.

Knowledge Base

  1. General FAQs 

    1. Which sports use Dartfish?
    2. Is Dartfish only used for sport?
    3. What are Dartfish software's capabilities for biomechanics?
    4. What camera can I use with Dartfish?
    5. Do I need a particular computer to use Dartfish software?
  2. myDartfish Smart Cloud & Accounts 

    1. Smart Cloud how-to videos
    2. What is myDartfish?
    3. How do I upload videos to the myDartfish Smart Cloud?
    4. Control access to myDartfish content using collections
    5. How do I remove access to a video?
  3. myDartfish 360 / 360 S 

    1. What is Dartfish 360?
    2. Dartfish 360 how-to videos
    3. Is Dartfish 360 the same as Dartfish Pro, TeamPro etc?
    4. What's new in myDartfish 360
    5. Move a myDartfish 360/360 S license to another computer
  4. Dartfish Express 

    1. Dartfish Express how-to videos
    2. Differences between Express for Android and iOS
    3. Which camera setting should I choose?
    4. Zooming in on video
    5. Sharing your videos with others
  5. Dartfish Note 

    1. What is Dartfish Note?
    2. Dartfish Note How-to videos
    3. Distributing panels for others to use
    4. Dartfish Note terminology and concepts
    5. Using team and player picklists (roster) in Dartfish Note
  6. Dartfish EasyTag-Note 

    1. EasyTag-Note how-to videos
    2. Why has Easytag changed?
    3. Should I switch from Easytag to Dartfish Note?
    4. Should I update Easytag to EasyTag-Note?
    5. How do I duplicate a panel?

    1. Resources for channel owners
    2. Who is broadcasting on
    3. Can I find expert content on
    4. "I can't find the video I'm looking for"
    5. Can I subscribe to private content?
  8. All articles 

    1. Resources for channel owners
    2. Dartfish Express how-to videos
    3. What is Dartfish Note?
    4. Which sports use Dartfish?
    5. Smart Cloud how-to videos
    78 articles 

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